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1. Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center
Provides medical marijuana recommendations, treatment plans, and medical support.

2. Arizona Hemp Center
Helps connect eligible medical marijuana patients from Arizona with doctors and dispensaries. Also offers information on Proposition 203 and Arizona medical marijuana news.

3. Medical Marijuana Hut
Offers practical advice on using medical marijuana, growing tips, information on cannabis side effects, legalization issues, and state marijuana laws.

4. Medical Marijuana Magazine
Provides information, opinion, and analysis on medical marijuana and the political, intellectual, medical, and social contexts in which it is debated.

5. Pain Management of Colorado
Offers patients the highest grade medical marijuana along with a caring staff of doctors and caregivers.

6. Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR)
Coordinates scientific studies to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis compounds for treating medical conditions. Located at the University of California San Diego.

7. Research Findings on Medicinal Properties of Marijuana
1999 report summarizing research into the medical uses of marijuana. From Common Sense for Drug Policy.

8. Medical MaryJane
Resource and information on the medical use of marijuana.

9. MAPS: Medical Marijuana Research
Supporting serious drug development research aimed at proving to the satisfaction of the FDA that marijuana is safe and efficacious for specific medical uses and should become a legal, FDA-approved prescription medicine.

10. Erowid.org: Medical Marijuana
Presents history, FAQs, and links to various sites and articles published about the medical uses of this cannabis.
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