Teaching People the Truth About Vaping

When it comes to smoking, many people have strong feelings either for or against a person's right to engage in the habit. While smokeless cigarettes may not have as many after effects compared to a traditional cigarette, it may still be perceived as a bad thing to do in public. How can you educate others about what an e-cig is, and what rules should you follow while vaping?

Many People Assume That the Vapor Is Actually Smoke

Many people don't know that the vapor that you are producing only looks like smoke. However, it is actually water vapor that is created when the ingredients inside a smokeless device are used. Therefore, it will be important to discuss the basics of how smokeless cigarettes work to ensure that your message is getting across. You should also be sure to inform people that you can choose from a variety of flavors when you use, which enhances the enjoyment that you and others can get from it.

Don't Assume You Can Use your Smokeless Cigarette in Public

In most cases, you are technically allowed to use smokeless cigarettes in public places unless a sign specifically tells you not to. However, it is common courtesy to ask if you are allowed to smoke in a family restaurant or in a grocery store where kids may be present. While some business owners may understand that what you are doing isn't the same as traditional smoking, allowing people to engage in vaping may still cause a negative backlash.

Be Ready to Answer Many Questions

If someone sees you using a smokeless device, that person may have many questions for you. Common questions may include how the device works, why you would consider hurting your lungs and why you aren't being considerate of others around you by putting secondhand smoke in the air. Many of these questions come from a place of ignorance. Therefore, you should be ready to educate and inform in a calm and rational manner. While you may not be able to change people's minds overnight, having a good attitude will enable you to win the hearts and minds of today's naysayers.

Smokeless cigarettes are a relatively new product on the market. This means that you may need to launch an educational campaign to inform your friends, family members and anyone else who thinks that you may be harming yourself and others. When they learn the facts about what you are doing, they may become more accepting even if they don't necessarily agree with it.

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