Common Hazards That Can Render Your Vapor Cigarette Useless

With so many e-smoking devices available, there are ample choices for shoppers looking for an alternative to tobacco. There are some hazards, however, that buyers should keep in mind in order to prevent issues and to maintain longevity for their device. With a few simple tips, vapers should be able to use their device and protect their e-cigs in order to get the most from their investment.

Keep the following in mind to care for your own vapor cigarettes:


Perhaps the biggest problem for any vapor cigarette is heat. Heat affects the various components of these devices differently; for instance, extreme heat can cause plastic cartomizers, clearomizers, or parts to swell, bulge, and even melt. The e-cig battery is particularly sensitive to heat and could simply stop working as a result. Always be wary of signs that your vapor cigarette is malfunctioning, such as when it smokes, smells hot, or sparks during use.


Just because heat is an enemy of e-cigs does not mean that cold temperatures are safe for these devices. Cold temperatures can drain a battery, shortening its life every time that it is exposed to extreme conditions. This means that the expensive 2200mAh battery that you bought to use for extended periods of time will maintain a charge for a shorter and shorter time between charges. The best suggestion is to keep your devices in a climate controlled environment, rather than outdoors or even in your vehicle overnight.


Moisture can spell trouble for disposable vapor cigarettes. Once these inexpensive devices become wet, the e-cig battery will likely die. A more advanced device is a bit more resilient, however it is the battery that users should be concerned with. Moisture that is trapped inside the battery component can wreak havoc and render the device less effective at holding a charge. Without a charge, the pricier vaporizer will likely need a replacement battery, which can equate to added expense.

Other hazards

It is important to know that another potential hazard for vapor cigarettes is incompatibility. Buying parts and components is a fun aspect of using a personal vaporizer, but if you don't match up the parts with compatible accompaniments, you could have a problem. For instance, a high voltage e-cig battery used with a low ohm clearomizer could result in cracking of the plastic shell that holds your e-liquid. This will cause leaking and wasted money.


Another integral point to remember is that cleaning your device is key. Using atomizers and clearomizers consistently, without cleaning them with rubbing alcohol between uses, can result in the growth of bacteria or mold. Breathing mold in through your vapor cigarette will not only cause your e-liquid to taste bad, but can cause respiratory illness for the user. Play it safe by thoroughly cleaning your clearomizers before refilling them with e-liquid, and to replace heating coils or elements, if applicable.

There are some very durable and resilient vapor cigarettes on the market, and many of these will provide years of utility before needing to be replaced. Extreme temperatures, moisture, incompatibility, and even mold can cause issues and should be prevented whenever possible. This will help to preserve the investment that you have made in your personal vaporizing device!

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