E-cig Traveling Tips

An estimated $2 trillion dollars is generated by domestic and international travel every year in the U.S. Some people hop onboard airplanes for business trips, while others jump in a car and take that road trip they’ve always wanted to. We all have different reasons for traveling, but those of us who vape all have the same questions when it comes to traveling with e-cigs.

You have probably already experienced the freedom that e-cigs offer over regular cigarettes, since no smoke means you can vape when and where you want. But you may still be asking: What supplies should I bring? What are airline regulations? How do I protect my device?

Keep reading below to get some tips on how to safely travel with your favorite e-cig, as well as some reminders about supplies you’ll need to bring on your trip.

Checklist of E-cig Supplies You Will Need
If you are like most people, just before a trip you are scrambling to pack everything you’ll need while you are gone. Packing can be chaotic, which is why many people find it helpful to make a list of items to stuff in their luggage.

Without a list, it is all too easy to forget those essential supplies, such as a toothbrush or deodorant. But at least you can buy a new toothbrush if you forget it at home. With e-cigs, it can be very difficult to find your preferred type and brand where you are going. And if you do manage to find one you like, the cost may be much higher than buying them online.

So, to make sure you are ready to vape wherever you travel, here is a checklist of e-cig supplies to remember to bring:

Protecting E-cigs from Getting Crushed
Just as important as remembering to pack all the supplies you will need for your trip, it is also essential to protect your e-cig from getting crushed. Although most e-cigs are strong and durable, it is worth taking precautions to make sure traveling doesn’t take its toll on your device.

There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to protect your vaping supplies. For instance, a simple pencil box—which you can find in any store’s school supplies section—will do. Or, some e-cig companies offer pocket-sized metal carrying cases that keep everything you need for vaping on-the-go in a small, sleek, transportable holder.

By remembering to protect your e-cigs from being damaged in the packing process, you can insure that you aren’t stranded without your vaping supplies.

Traveling by Plane
Air travel is by far the quickest way to get to a destination, but it also has the strictest guidelines regarding what is and is not allowed on planes. Fortunately, as e-cigs become a more common companion for travelers, taking your vaping supplies through an airport is not a problem anymore.

According to the TSA, you can carry your e-cig supplies in checked and carry-on luggage. However, e-cig use both on the aircraft and in airport terminals is generally prohibited. Even though e-cigs are smokeless, airlines ban their use to prevent other passengers from being alarmed.

Traveling by Automobile
E-cigs are great for road trips, especially when traveling with non-smokers. Ash, smoke, and tar from regular cigarettes seeps into seat cushions, causing a lasting odor that is irritating and annoying. If you want to smoke during a long trip, you may have to wait until the next rest stop or open a window going down a highway, which makes it difficult to carry on a conversation.

With e-cigs, however, there is no odor, no ash, and no smoke, so you are free to vape whenever you want, without having to worry about non-smoking passengers. Although some truck stops now offer vaping supplies, generally these are very limited and more expensive than buying them online. Pack enough supplies to last your entire road trip for the best experience.

A Few Other Travel Tips to Consider…
Another trick that many traveling vapers have discovered is to separate the battery from the cartomizer or cartridge. This makes going through security checkpoints easier, and prevents your e-cig from accidentally turning on and draining the battery during travel.

Whatever your form of travel—cruise ship, train, plane, etc.—it is always a good idea to ask the company what their policy is about vaping onboard. Many companies differ on how they regulate e-cigs, so if you are unsure, ask a stewardess, attendant, or crew member.

And lastly, finding the right part to fit your e-cig may difficult while traveling. Before going on a trip, order your vapor cigarettes online for the best selection and deals.  

Other than that, just sit back and enjoy the journey as you take in your favorite e-cig.

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