Throat Hit - Getting the Desired Effect from Your Vapor Cigarette

There are a few subtle differences to the use of a vapor cigarette to a traditional cigarette. The use of an electronic cigarette offers an experience which is almost identical to regular cigarettes. However, some people may find the experience less satisfying. This often means that some consumers choose to switch back to a product which is more expensive, less healthy, and smellier.

One of the main reason for a smoker to switch from vaping to a traditional cigarette will do so because they are not achieving the expected throat hit. Disliking the use of a smokeless cigarette will not be the main reason for switching back. Smokers will often not get the same feeling from a vapor cigarette. The throat hit is a main component and the reason smokers are likely to enjoy the traditional smoking experience.

There are some consumers will often require a stronger throat hit than others. Many people often feel a throat hit is inadequate when it is not strong enough. However, a throat hit that is too strong will cause damage to the throat can even be painful. Anyone who is a regular smoker will typically notice there is a significant difference between the throat hit experienced by different cigarette brands. Brands that are light often have a weaker sensation than regular brands. However, some people might prefer throat hits which are lighter rather than stronger.

There is also the flavor of the nicotine and the quality of the liquid which is being used. Another aspect that needs to be remembered about using electronic cigarettes is how the consumer uses the device. Throat hits from a smokeless cigarette will be similar to traditional cigarettes by employing experimentation and making adjustments.

One place to look at when using a smokeless cigarette for the first time is how to puff. The people who use traditional cigarettes often take quick drags or puffs to get a throat hit that is satisfactory. One thing about a smokeless cig is quick drags are often ineffective. A user will need to take longer puffs that are often longer in duration. This is typically between three and five seconds and will result in vapor being thicker and will produce a stronger throat hit.

The amount of vapor being produced is directly related to the strength of the throat hit. Many users are able to get the a similar nicotine effect by taking three to five long puffs during vaping. This will mean there is often the same amount of time taken to use a smokeless cig as a traditional cigarette. However, there are other things that a user may try if a throat hit is not sufficient. One aspect of vaping that users may need to address is the flavor of their nicotine liquid.

There are many flavors of nicotine to use in a smokeless cigarette. The most popular are peach, vanilla, and peppermint. This is the reason vaping is popular for many people who want to enjoy a throat hit in areas that have banned traditional cigarettes. Vaping also gives consumers more flavor options over the use or regular tobacco.

Consumers will also need to be aware of the nicotine level for a smokeless cig and making sure to keep the device clean. If a stronger throat hit is necessary when vaping, then use a nicotine level that is at 24 milligrams instead of a standard nicotine solution which is 12 milligrams. A user will also need to keep their battery fully charged.

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