Choosing Between a Starter Kit and Disposable E-Cig

Individuals that want to find an alternative way for smoking may refer to an electronic cigarette. There are several options that one can choose from, which can seem overwhelming at times. There are starter kits and disposable e-cigs that can be purchased. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

The disposable e-cigs are perfect for those that just want to try it out to see if they will like e-smoking. The disposable electronic cigarettes will come with just one in the case. As soon as the case is opened, the e-cig is ready for use. Once the cartilage or battery life has been used up in the e-cig, it will need to be thrown away. The battery can't be recharged, and the cartridge cannot be refilled.

Over a period of time, the disposable e-cigs can become costly. This option is great for users to choose if they want to try out different brands to see which one they like best. Individuals will not get the opportunity to choose from the variety of flavors options or nicotine strength as they would with starter kits. Plus, any time a user is done with the disposable e-cig, they will have to run out and purchase another one. They can be purchased though at various locations, including convenience stores, smoke shops, truck stops, and most other locations that sell cigarettes.

Starter Kits

Starter kits are a great option for those that want to use e-cigs for the longevity of their smoking. The starter kits are higher in price to start out compared to a disposable e-cig. In the long-run, the starter kit will actually save an individual more money and time. Once a person has found the brand they want to use, they can purchase a starter kit. The starter kits will usually come with several cartridges, an extra battery, a charger, and flavor options.

The starter kits will give the individual options to piece together their own electronic cigarette. They can choose from a variety of colors and battery sizes. The battery size is important if the person doesn't want to have to worry about charging the battery often. The bigger the battery, the longer the lifespan will last.

The flavors that are available will even come with nicotine strength options. One can start off with a stronger strength of nicotine if they are used to smoking a lot of cigarettes throughout the day. If they are planning on trying to stop smoking, they can cut down the amount of nicotine when they want.

Either Option is A Great Alternative

Disposable electronic cigarettes and starter kits are both great alternatives to those that want to switch from smoking actual cigarettes. The smokeless e-cigs will give individuals the nicotine they desire without all of the smoke and odors. One cartilage is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes or more depending on the brand that is purchased.

People have saved hundreds of dollars just by switching to an electronic cigarette. If you are planning on switching over to this great alternative option for a long period of time, you are better off getting a starter kit. If you are just not sure on the type of starter kit you want to purchase, a disposable electronic cigarette will allow you to try out the different brands.

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