Why Am I Coughing and Have a Sore Throat While Vaping?

Individuals looking to transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs or digital cigarettes should have a seamless experience as possible. One reason is the switch to vaping is a smarter alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, some people may experience an irritating sore throat or a cough which is annoying. These symptoms are common as the switch to digital cigarettes requires an adjustment period.

Irritating symptoms from e-cigarettes are frustrating and occur to a large number of people. Individuals who are new to e-cigs will find a minor tweak is all that is necessary once a few factors have been fully understood. Patience and persistence will be needed to enjoy a better vaping experience.

There are various reasons why users are experiencing annoying symptoms.

Throat Hit

The liquid that is used for digital cigarettes comprises of either vegetable glycein or propylene glycol. In many cases, it's a combination of the two. Propylene glycol is the chemical that provides the throat hit an individual will crave. However, the result is often a throat that feels scratchy and dry when a user is not used to the product. Another aspect to keep in mind is some users may have an allergic reaction from a product that contains propylene glycol. This means products with vegetable glycerin should be used.

Nicotine Strength

Too much nicotine in a person's system can cause nausea and lightheaded spells along with sore throat periods and coughing. You will need to determine the concentration of nicotine for each cartridge. The lowest product will often have no more than 0.6 percent nicotine. This amount is meant for an ultra-light smoker. If someone were to use a product containing 3.6 percent nicotine and they were an ultra-light smoking, then coughing and an irritated throat can occur. Reduce the strength of the nicotine in a cartridge to see if the symptoms go away.

Different Techniques

Vapers who are just starting out are not always aware that inhaling vapor is a style that is different than smoking a conventional cigarette. Taking a deep and full draw on an digital cigarette might result in tingling or a burning sensation in the lungs or the back of the throat. Puffs that are quick and shallow will often leave a user completely unsatisfied. The best technique to get the best result and to prevent any type of bad experience is to inhale slowly for about two to three seconds. Vapor will be easy to exhale once the technique is mastered.


The frequency of use will be a factor to keep in mind when using e-cigs. Users do not need to take hits as often as they would when smoking a conventional cigarette. The type of e-liquid for the product can have an effect on a user's preference as performance is different. Users may need to experiment to find the proper balance between e-liquid strength and vaping frequency.


Smoke will no longer be an issue when using digital cigarettes. However, the vapor produced when using the product can lead to periods of dehydration. The compounds in the product will attract moisture in the body naturally. This can result in a dry mouth and throat that can lead to coughing. Users need to drink plenty of liquids to avoid getting dehydrated.

Be Persistent

Anyone who is dealing with a sore throat or annoying coughs should not get discouraged. Many users often give up during the transition period due to a lack of patience. Becoming tobacco free is the main goal for many users. This means taking time to research the reasons why certain symptoms occur. The next step is to make any changes that are necessary to make them go away.

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