What's the Difference Between a Single-Coil and Dual-Coil Vaporizer Cigarette?

At first, the difference might seem simple: a single coil means only one coil, and dual coil means there are two. At the basic level, this is true, but the addition of another coil to a cartomizer or clearomizer can really make a world of difference. Whether the difference is for better or worse really depends on your personal preferences.

The "coil" being referenced is the heating element in your device. Whether it's a cartomizer, clearomizer, or simple dripping atomizer, it will have a coil in there to heat the juice to the point that it becomes the delicious vapor. 

By having two coils connected to your battery at the same time, the power from you battery is split between them. This means that you will receive a cooler vape than you would get from a single coil on the same battery using the same settings.

That might sound like it would be the short end of the stick, but remember that in a dual-coil setup, you'll have two heat sources vaporizing your juice. Even though the single coil would get hotter, dual-coils are still putting out more vapor and flavor. If you're a fan of big, dense clouds or want to taste every ounce of flavor from your vaporizer cigarette, dual-coils might be up your alley.

To counter the lower temperature, many of vapers will raise the voltage on the battery. While that is certainly an option, it has its side effects. Namely, the battery will drain faster. If your main concern is battery life, then single coils may be what you need. Otherwise, you can keep your voltage down and have a cooler vape with your dual-coil.

Another difference is how much juice that each uses. This goes back to how much vapor each produces. Everything else being the same, a single coil will use less juice. Since you only have one coil in contact with the juice, you will go through it at a much lower rate.

Whether you choose a single coil or dual-coil comes down to a personal choice. Which of these factors is more important to you? Do you value your juice lasting longer over blowing dense clouds? Would you rather sacrifice your battery life in exchange for better flavor?

I always recommend that you try both configurations for at least a week. This gives you a better idea of how each will perform with your own vaping style. After you know which one you like better, you will know which to buy in the future for your ideal vaporizer cigarette experience.

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