Finding the Right Nicotine Strength for your Electric Cigarette

Your choice of nicotine strength depends on quite a few factors.

For newcomers to the world of e-cigs, it is easy to assume that these products are one-size-fits-all solutions. They are not. Many a discerning lover of tobacco require different amounts of nicotine in their products. Finding the right nicotine strength for your electric cigarette is not an easy process when first starting out.

It's a Personal Choice

Nicotine strength is a personal choice. People who move on to e-cigs from normal or analog cigarettes often have difficulty trying to figure out the right strength. That is because many people do not really know the strength of their regular cigarettes.

If you are coming to electric cigarettes from being a regular to heavy smoker, than you probably think that you want a higher amount of nicotine. This is not always an accurate way of thinking about an electric cigarette.

Measuring Strength in an E-Cig Cartridge

The amount of nicotine in an e-cig cartridge solution shows up in two different ways. Some will tell you the amount in milligrams per milliliter. So you will see numbers like 12mg/ml or 24mg/ml. So that is 12 or 24 milligrams of nicotine for every milliliter of e-liquid.

You may also see the numbers written as a percentage. So using the above example, you would see 1.2% or 2.4% respectively.

Some e-cig cartridge manufacturers like to correlate the amount of nicotine in the liquid to a name brand cigarette or type of cigarette. The main problem with that is many places have different strength standards. So it is better to know the mg or percentage, rather than a general comparison. However, a general comparison is a good place to start.

Generally, you can break nicotine amounts down like this:

Many people transitioning from cigarettes can start somewhere in the 12-18mg range. From there they can transition up or down.

Once again, these numbers are heavily generalized. There are other factors that contribute to the strength of the nicotine as well. One of those factors is your own body and how it prefers the nicotine intake. Really, you may have to experiment before you find the strength that is right for you.

Take it Slow When Starting Out

A good way to start is with a lower strength. Unless you are a brave soul at heart, you should start low and then work your way up. That's as opposed to starting strong and working your way down.

There are a few things associated with taking in more nicotine than your body is ready to handle. So it is better to start low and move up if in doubt.

This is good advice for those that are new to tobacco in general, as well as to those that are transitioning from regular cigarettes.

Consider Your Smoking Habits

Not all smokers smoke the same way. Even pack-a-day smokers may have some variances to when and how they smoke.

You may enjoy smoking after eating or while walking, but you may only smoke half of a cigarette on a lunch break at work. This means that you might not need the full dose of nicotine at all times. Little things like that will help you to fine-tune your nicotine strength preferences.

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