What About The Nicotine Levels of Electric Cigs?

Vaping is certainly increasing in popularity and for a very obvious reason, there is no smoke. An electric cig revolves around the inhalation of water vapor and not smoke. For those who wish to get away from traditional tobacco products, electronic cigarettes might be the better alternative.

There are concerns among many about the actual nicotine strength in an e-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes can come with nicotine and many former smokers do wish to stick with those cartridges that have nicotine in them.

This does bring up a point not everyone may be aware of: there is such a thing as a nicotine free cartridge. For someone who wishes to take part in vaping and enjoy the sensation of doing so, buying nicotine a free cartridge is an option. Granted, the vast majority of those who are interested in trying or switching to an electronic cig are those used to nicotine based tobacco products.

Three major categories of nicotine cartridges are available and they all have different levels of nicotine amounts in them. Ironically, the names employed to describe them are borrowed from the traditional names for different types of cigarettes. The cartridge and nicotine categories are Full Flavored, Light, and Ultra Light. The amount of nicotine in these cartridges is 18, 12 and 6 milligrams respectively.

Questions are going to arise as to which amount of nicotine is going to be good for someone who is new to e-cigarette vaping. There really is no clear cut answer to this because switching over from a traditional cigarette to an electronic cig is not exactly a scientific process. Really, it is a personal consumer and health decision.

All consumer decisions however should be very well thought out ones and this includes any decisions to buy an e-cigarette. The average smoker might not be completely sure about what nicotine strength level is preferable because, quite honestly, someone who smokes cigarettes probably does not likely know what the nicotine content of the brand he or she smokes actually is. (Smokers generally do not look for nicotine content levels on the packaging)

So, it becomes somewhat difficult to make a direct comparison in terms of which brand of cigarettes equates with a particular strength of nicotine cartridge.

There might be a better and easier way of making a decision.

Basically, it might be best to select the nicotine level of the cartridge based on how much you smoke. If you are a heavy smoker, you may opt to start with the Full Flavored version since it has the highest amount of nicotine. This would mimic the significant amount of nicotine that a heavy smoker is used to absorbing.

Someone who smokes a much lighter amount may choose to go with a nicotine cartridge that has a lesser level of nicotine.

Of course, a heavy smoker could also go with the lighter amount of nicotine as well. As long as the results of vaping with the lower level cartridges, then the electric cigs will prove to be pleasing to the customer. If not, then it is perfectly fine to switch to a different cartridge. Some might even opt to go with a flavored version. The unique flavor to the water vapor might satiate certain feelings that previously craved nicotine.

A little bit of trial and error with nicotine levels might be necessary before getting the hang of electronic cigs. Once the right level is found, then vaping might end up being a lot more enjoyable.

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