How Do I Create the Ideal E-Juice Blend?

You already know that vaping lets you enjoy delicious nicotine-infused flavors without the scent of cigarettes clinging to your hair, skin and clothes. You might even know that you can find hundreds of different blends and flavored liquids that you can pop in your vapor cigarette. What you might not know is that you can actually create your own flavored blends.

Why settle for the same old flavors that your friends use when you can make a custom blend? There is no big secret to making a customized blend, though many people find that experimenting helps.

Start Slow

Far too many people get one idea in their minds and decide to run with it. They love the way a cold margarita tastes on a hot day, so they decide to make their own margarita blend from lime, lemon, tobacco and other liquids. They whip up a large batch with the intention of vaping every day, but once they taste that blend, they end up throwing away the whole batch. It can take some time to create a custom e-juice that hits your pleasure sensors. When you start out making a small amount, you'll save time and money.

Choose a Flavor

Your vapor cigarette lets you enjoy every type of flavor and taste that you can imagine, but before you start whipping up your own blends, choose the dominate flavor. Are you the type of person who can't get through the day without the rich taste of menthol? Do you crave the intoxicating flavor of pure tobacco? Maybe you prefer one of the fun fruity or dessert flavors now available. Before you start mixing and matching, choose the flavor that you like the best. You can then slowly add in other liquids to create your custom e-juice.

Need Nicotine?

Using an e-cigarette lets you curb your cravings for nicotine when you find yourself in places where you can't smoke. You can use your e-cigarette on the city bus, in your favorite restaurant or even on the train. Not everyone vapes because they love nicotine, which is why you can find flavored blends and liquids that contain no nicotine. You'll also find blends that contain a specific amount of nicotine, which ranges from one percent to three percent. While it's easy to add nicotine to your custom e-juice, keep in mind that it will subtly flavor your finished blend. Adding too much nicotine may make the blend a little too harsh for everyday use.

How to Make Your Blend

Think about what you want before you start mixing. If you love something sweet that will curb your sweet tooth, try mixing together a few fruity flavors, including strawberry and banana or raspberry and blueberry. You can also think about your favorite dishes. Mixing a whipped cream flavor with a chocolate flavor might recreate the taste of hot chocolate. The more you experiment, the more flavors you'll unlock.

Get Started Today

We encourage you to try a variety of delicious flavors - mix and match to create custom blends. If you love stopping by the coffee shop for a mocha on your way to work, try ChocoJava, which features a lush chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee. Then there's our My Birthday Cake, which combines the sweet taste of buttercream frosting with homemade cake.

Whether you choose a pre-made e-liquid blend or make your custom e-juice, you'll love vaping just a little more.

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