How to Preserve your Nicotine E-Juice for Optimal Flavor and Quality

Vapor smoking has been gaining popularity in the recent time. With options of different flavored e-juice for electronic cigarettes, users are finding vape nicotine smoking as a better option than conventional cigarette smoking. For getting optimal flavor from the e-liquid, users must store their e-cigarette supplies in a cool and dry place. After all, this is also a consumable product with a limited shelf life. Users should consider following the proper handling and storage options for their supplies in order to avoid the juice and supplies from getting spoiled prematurely and unnecessarily.

Storing Suggestions:

  1. Store in a cool and dry place:

    Experts always advise to store e-juice in a cool and dry place. It is always best to order and store only a small amount of these products. Although most manufacturers claim that electronic cigarette juice can remain unspoiled for up to two years, improper storage can sometimes make the e-juice to go stale. Users should always remember that these supplies are highly affected by direct sunlight and heat. As the e- juice contains many light-sensitive ingredients except PG, this liquid is prone to spoilage.

  2. Avoid exposure to moisture and air:

    Electronic cigarette components can go stale and change the flavor if exposed to moisture and air. The flavoring components sometimes get tarnished and change. With the exposure to air and moisture, the quality of nicotine also degrades. Storing your vaping supplies in a closed box away from moisture and air is highly recommended. Users can also keep these supplies in a cool and dark room. Refrigerating is also a good way to store these e-juice supplies as low temperature significantly reduces the chances of oxidation. This will also prevent the rapid growth of mold and bacteria. Refrigeration is also a good option if you are planning for long-term storage of pre-filled cartridges.

  3. Store in a glass bottle:

    Unlike plastic containers, glass bottles don't react with the components of the vaping juice supplies. If you are storing in a container, then choose the glass bottles. Studies show that a number of components of vaping juice supplies have reactions with plastic bottles. This may in turn affect the flavor and nature of the vape juice stored in the container. Even when stored for a long time, the vape juice components will not be affected by the glass container. Many people feel that PG and VG, the two active components of vaping juice, can crack the glass container. However, if you store your supply container in a perfect condition at room temperature, then it will last for a longer period of time. Choose those dark glass bottles for optimal storage.

  4. Mixing Of Flavors:

    If you have more than one flavor of vaping supplies, then avoid storing them together. Sometimes, the components in flavors mix and give an unpleasant taste. Usually, fruit flavors are susceptible to decay than other flavors of vape juice. If the components in this flavored juice are hydrolyzed, it may give a sour and stinky flavor. Storing the supplies separately will help you in avoiding these consequences. Store each vaping juice in its own container before placing it in dark glass bottles for long term storage. In this way, you can keep all the vaping juices, fresh and flavorful for a longer period of time.

  5. Detection Of Spoilage:

    If you detect spoilage in your vaping juice supplies, then separate that container from other containers. You can detect any spoilage by its smell, taste, and the color. After oxidation, most vaping juices give a dark color and sour taste. Remember that an oxidized vaping juice can be hazardous to health. If you find changes in the smell and color of your e-cigarette juices, then avoid using them immediately.

Properly storing your nicotine e-juice is important, especially if you plan to try customized flavors some retailers are now offering. If you have 5-10 different flavors you're sampling, or just enjoy in general, you will want to make sure your e-juice is properly stored so it tastes as fresh as possible.

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