How Do I Create the Right E-Juice Blend for My Digital Cigarette?

With the huge selection of e-juice to fill your digital cigarettes, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed. You can choose from hundreds of suppliers: This includes mom-and-pop shops, DIY home brewers to international companies. Not to mention, mixing your own flavors becomes a rewarding and cost effective experience. Utilizing your favorite flavors can turn you into a mix master.

Main Ingredients in E-juice: Nicotine, Propylene Glycol and Flavoring

Nicotine is the most obvious ingredient you find in digital cigarettes. When mixing the juice, you want to make sure you mix the right nicotine level. With e-cigs, nicotine gets expressed in milligrams per milliliter. For the most part, nicotine levels stay between 6mg and 24mg. Unflavored nicotine usually has a greater strength, but it can be diluted for greater flexibility for individual tastes. However, undiluted nicotine is extraordinarily poisonous, and it can be absorbed through the skin, so wearing protective clothing and gloves is essential. Additionally, you want to keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

Propylene Glycol, also known as Vegetable Glycerin, is the second most common ingredient in e-juice, and it has been used to dilute the concentrated nicotine to the desired potency. Propylene Glycol creates the vapor. If you choose vegetable glycerin instead, it will be smoother and give less of a throat hit, but it gives off more vapor. Vegetable glycerin has a thick vapor that rarely gets used by itself. Depending on the person mixing, some people prefer an 80 percent PG to 20 percent VG while another mix option would be 50/50 mix.

Flavoring is the third most common ingredient used in juices. Mixers learn from trial-and-error with flavoring. What makes flavoring unique is that while the other ingredients require exact measurements, you can manipulate the amount of flavoring used. Usually, beginning with 5 percent flavor is the best choice. However, understand that some flavors will be overpowering at 5 percent and need mixing with lighter flavors. When you add flavoring, they get added drop by drop to avoid the contamination of measuring equipment. You find that there are 20 to 30 drops in a ml.

Using an E-liquid Calculator

Combining the three ingredients to the right measurements requires a degree of understanding. Luckily, an e-liquid calculator is available online to be downloaded. Mixing calculators help you decide about the exact amount for each ingredient so that you create an accurate level of nicotine.


After finding a reputable e-juice supplier, you have thousands of flavors to choose from. Experimentation becomes critical to discovering the most appealing flavors. However, understand that just because you enjoy morning coffee does not mean that you will enjoy vaping morning coffee. Many reputable companies provide trial sizes, and using a few can help you to discover the most desirable flavors for your palette.

The Best PG to VG Ratio

PG to VG ratios differ from: 50/50, 60/40, 80/20, 100 percent VG or 100 percent PG. Those who prefer a strong flavor and greater throat hit will enjoy higher PG concentrations. Individuals who want less throat hit and more vapor will find VG to be the better option. When unsure, sometimes it is better to start with a near-equal mix of both. From there, you can decide if it lacks flavor or vapor. If the flavor is lacking, up the amount of PG, and if the vapor does not seem potent, add more VG. Making small adjustments over time will help you to find the best PG to VG ratio.

One of the superb aspects of the digital cigarette is that it lowers your nicotine usage over a period of months. Additionally, supplies tend to cost less than cigarettes, and the variety in flavor makes them a choice that provides a richer experience.

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