The Short and Long-Term Cost Savings of Switching to E-Cigs

There is a growing trend toward e-cigs. The popularity of vapor smoking devices provide you as a smoker with the benefits of smoking with the added benefit of saving you money. The average retail cost of cigarettes in the United States is far more than the cost of e-cigarette cartridges. This fact alone should prompt some consideration toward switching from traditional cigarettes to vapor smoking e-cigs.

Here is some information to consider regarding the cost of cigarette smoking and the smoking of e-cigs. A short and long term examination of the cost of e-cigs versus cigarettes should make for a compelling argument for you to switch to e-cigs.

The Cost of Smoking Cigarettes v. E-Cigs

As mentioned above, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is higher than that of e-cigs and reloadable cartridges. Across the country the average retail cost for a pack of cigarettes is just under six dollars. This includes the retail cost to the consumer as well as the various excise taxes typically added to the cost based on the jurisdiction in which the cigarettes are sold. A pack of a certain major brand type of cigarettes can sell for as little as $5 per pack in Kentucky and as high as $14.50 in New York.

The Short and Long of Switching to E-Cigs

Your initial investment when switching to e-cigs will be higher when accounting for the cost of an e-cig starter kit. This cost however is reduced over time when compared to the savings derived from purchasing a supply of cartridges for your e-cig device, as compared to the cost of purchasing traditional cigarettes by the pack or carton. After the start-up costs, you save on average $2-$3 on every single e-cig cartridge you buy, compared to a single pack of cigarettes. If you spend $75 to $100 for a starter kit containing 5 cartridges, the $45 difference in cost you paid will quickly be eliminated.

Here's the math for your long-term cost savings: A 15 pack of e-cig cartridges at an average of $2-$3 costs you $30 to $45. The cost of 15 packs of traditional cigarettes at a cost of $6 (average) would mean a cost of $90, much higher if you factor in the excise taxes for your state or community. The difference between the two results in the recovery of the initial cost for your e-cigs and more importantly, greater costs savings going forward the more you enjoy vapor smoking.

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