3 Ways to Protect Your E-Cig from Extreme Heat & Cold

Although e-cigarettes are sturdy devices that allow smokers to enjoy the flavors and calming effect of traditional cigarettes – without many of the downsides – they still must be taken care off. After all, the all-important lithium battery that powers your vaping escapades is susceptible to extreme heat and cold, just like the batteries of all powered devices. As you would expect, your e-cig should also be protected from water so that moisture doesn't short out the battery.

Prolong your Vapor Smoking

It's not just the battery you should worry about; your e-cig can take much more use than a traditional cigarette obviously. However, extreme heat could cause the hardy cylinder to soften or outright melt. Even if you don't physically see much damage, the radiative properties of a sufficient heat source can penetrate the device and cause it to malfunction. Make a point to be mindful of where you set it down, as very cold surfaces can also cause damage.

1. E-Cigs Don't Perform Well in Freezing Temperatures

There are several performance-related reasons why you should avoid exposing your e-cig to very cold temperatures for extended periods of time. You can certainly enjoy a good vape outside when it's cold – the e-cigarette should be hardy enough to provide enjoyment in this manner even at freezing temperatures. The key is not to leave it outside when the weather is like this. Once the liquid inside freezes, it will cause the sensitive internal components to rupture – just like ice does in a water bottle when you put it in the freezer.

2. Extreme Heat is Just as Deadly to Your E-Cig

Prolonged heat is another detriment to the longevity of your e-cig. Although you certainly can vape when the temperature is high, just be aware that your battery is under more strain and the output is reduced. But the thing you should really watch out for is leaving the e-cigarette in the car with the windows up on a hot day. The temperature might not even seem that high to you, but remember that the air trapped inside your car can easily reach 90 degrees or more even if it's "just" 80 degrees outside.

3. Severe Weather Lookout – Particularly Thunderstorms

Your e-cig is not a fragile device, so vapor smoking in light rain or on an especially humid day isn't going to do anything bad to it. However, if it is exposed to significant moisture, then you run the risk of getting some water inside and damaging the internal components. Remember, there is a heating element that atomizes the nicotine into a mist, and you do not want water to touch this – or the lithium battery.

Keeping you e-cig working properly is fairly straightforward; you just have to remember what it's made out of. The components inside will not stand up well to extreme changes in temperature.

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