How First Generation E-Cigarettes Differ from Advanced Vaporizers

It is easy to see the physical differences between first generation e-cigarettes and the more modern personal vaporizers used by many. While the two devices are linked by the common enjoyment of "vaping", they each provide a unique alternative to smoking.

You may wonder what exactly the differences are between these two products, and which one is best-suited to your own personal tastes. Keep reading to find out…


The first major difference you will notice between a basic e-cigarette and an advanced vaporizer is the appearance. An e-cig resembles a conventional cigarette, while a vaporizer may look larger, longer, more mechanical, or even akin to a pipe. There may also be some accessory items—such as fancy drip-tips or mouthpieces—on the vaporizer, whereas e-cigarettes are typically made to look and feel like a cigarette.


Another difference between e-cigarettes and vaporizers lies in the flavor. Disposable e-cigs, like the ones found in area smoke shops and convenience stores, are usually limited in the flavors available. They often have tobacco and menthol flavors, but other more exotic blends may be harder to find.

Vaporizers are refilled with nicotine e-liquid that is heated by the clearomizer or atomizer to create vapor. There is an endless range of e-liquids and juices found to fill these devices, each containing various levels of nicotine and offering different amounts of vapor. Juices are often custom-made according to the customer's preference, combining a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). PG is what creates the vapor you see when you exhale, while VG is the element that provides the sensation in the back of the user's throat during vaping.


Since you get to choose the nicotine level of the e-liquid used in your vaporizer, this can lead to greater overall satisfaction with the vaping experience. Vaporizers are also helpful for those seeking a way to step-down from smoking tobacco products, as they can gently wean themselves away from nicotine if desired. E-cigarettes are also available in varying nicotine levels, but they typically have fewer options than most e-juice or liquids.


As you can see, there are more options and features found with personal and advanced vaporizers than with basic e-cigarettes. From batteries with variable resistance levels to fancy drip-tips that attach to the mouthpiece of your device, your vaporizer can be as distinctive as you want it to be.

You may prefer using both e-cigarettes and advanced vaporizers interchangeably, and that's totally fine. For instance, perhaps you prefer the convenience of a disposable, readily available e-cigarette when traveling or at work, while a personal vaporizer is much more gratifying when you are home, relaxing, have access to your different components.

Whichever device suits your lifestyle and tastes, know that the options and offerings of e-cigs and vaporizers is quickly growing. Nowadays, there are more choices available for consumers than ever before!

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