E-Cigarette Puffing Do's and Don'ts

If you have recently made the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to smokeless electronic cigarettes, you may not realize that vapor smoking is a completely different experience. This may be somewhat frustrating for you at first, but it won't take long for you to get the hang of it if you follow the recommendations of experienced e-cigarette users.

Electronic cigarettes look like typical tobacco cigarettes because of the size and lit end, and they even feel like them due to the weight. Because of the various e-liquids available, you may even be able to recreate the taste of regular cigarettes. However, that's where the similarities end.

It's important to keep in mind that it will take time, as well as a fair amount of trial and error, to derive satisfaction from using e-cigarettes. Of course, when you consider the health risks you're giving up, it's well worth it.

Tips for Beginners

When you reach for an e-cigarette, resist the urge to take quick, short drags as you probably did when smoking tobacco cigarettes. Not only will you not achieve the desired effect, you might end up with un-vaped e-liquid in your mouth. That is something to avoid, as it's not a pleasant experience. Instead, you should take several puffs in a row without inhaling the vapor. Experienced e-cigarette users call this the prime puff. It heats up the electronic cigarette so it is ready for you to use.

Next, take a long draw on the e-cigarette and hold the vapor in your mouth for up to five seconds before exhaling it. It's not necessary to suck the vapor down into your lungs to get the desired effect. Remember that it takes as long as 30 seconds to feel the effect from an electronic cigarette whereas the process is much quicker with a tobacco cigarette.

Only Take a Small Amount of Puffs at One Time

Experienced e-cigarette smokers have learned that it's best to limit their puffs to no more than seven per session. This allows time for the unit to cool. If you plan to take more than 10 puffs in a single sitting, you will need to wait until you have had time to change the cartridge and place e-liquid on the wick of the electronic cigarette.

The whole vaping experience is meant to be slow so you have time to enjoy it. If you puff too much or too fast, you're far less likely to feel relaxed by the experience. You also run the risk of developing a sore throat, damage to your tongue, and undesired changes to your taste buds by not taking enough of a break in between puffing vapors.

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