The Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Brands On the Market Today

There’s a smoking alternative making an appearance in our restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas and other public places where tobacco smoking is prohibited. It is the electronic cigarette, also known as the e-cig. It is tar-free, tobacco-free, doesn't emit smoke and it lasts much longer than a traditional cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes use a cartridge or cartomizer that contains a flavored liquid. When in use, the e-cig turns water and the flavored liquid into a vapor. The smoker inhales the mix of water vapor and flavor, or nicotine. Users can choose cartridges or cartomizers with or without nicotine.

Why are electronic cigarettes gaining in popularity?
Tobacco smoking is an expensive and unhealthy habit. Tobacco smokers are discovering that one of the battery-powered e-cigs provides an estimated 300 puffs, roughly equivalent to the number of drags from an entire pack of traditional cigarettes. 

Recent studies indicate that “vaping” as it’s known is a healthier option than tobacco smoking. Electronic cigarettes are thought to be less carcinogenic than traditional cigarettes because they don’t contain tar, chemicals found in tobacco processing, and are non-combustible.

Dr. Michael Siegel from Boston University's School of Public Health believes e-cigs help tobacco smokers quit, or provide a less harmful smoking alternative for those preferring nicotine. 

"They're safer because there's no tobacco in the product, there's also no burning, it's just heated up. When you take away the tobacco and combustion then you're taking away the bulk of the problem," Siegel told Inside Science.

Which electronic cigarette is the best?
There are a growing number of electronic cigarette makers and starter kits to choose from. Choosing an electronic cigarette is not simple. Let’s take a look at the top five makers and what they have to offer.

Now that you know the top five e-cig brands available, you can make an educated choice. Enjoy!

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