6 Ways you Can Make your Vapor Cig Battery Last Longer

You bought an vapor cigarette and you love it. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, it is easy to use, and it is better for your health compared to regular cigarettes. One of the main issues that most vapor cigarette owners have with their new companion is the battery life, whose average lifespan is 300 charges. If you charge your device once per day, then it will last you 300 days. While your battery life may not be something to worry about when you first purchase your e-cig, time really does fly by quickly.

Below are a few ways that you can extend the life of your device's battery.

Use Your Vapor Cigarette Regularly

The easiest way to maximize the lifespan of your e-cigarette is to regularly use your product. When you regularly use your device, energy is able to constantly flow through the battery. The constant flow of energy keeps the lifespan long. In addition, most e-cigarettes are made with lithium-ion batteries. These types of batteries need to be used on a daily basis or they will weaken and die out.

Temperature Matters

Exposing your vapor cigarette to extreme hot or cold temperatures is one way to effectively shorten its lifespan. In general, you should store your device at room temperature. The best places to store your e-cigarette are in open areas where you are also comfortable being in. As a rule of thumb, keep your device out of your car's glove compartment and do not leave it outside in the freezing cold. In addition, you should also protect your device from humidity. In humid climates, water can condense in the e-cigarette and cause the charger to fail, so be sure to leave it in a dry and safe place.

Keep it Clean

Most things require maintenance to operate well, including vapor cigarette batteries. Your batteries are prone to being damaged by grime, dust, and other particles as you carry your device around. If you hear a squeaking sound when screwing on your cartridge, then your vapor cigarette may just be ready for a cleaning.

Cleaning your device is fairly easy. All you need to do is clean your contact threads with a dry toothbrush. Do not add water and do not apply too much pressure. Cleaning should be done with upmost care to avoid damage. Cleaning your e-cigarette not only lengthens the lifespan, but it also helps it operate better.

Do Not Let the Vapor Cigarette Battery Drain Completely

There is a great misunderstanding in the technology world today, and that is that it is safe to allow a rechargeable technology to die before recharging. This misconception leads to many damaged batteries, including ones in vapor cigarettes. Do not allow your battery to drain completely before recharging it. The ideal time to charge is when it is almost empty.

Disconnect the Device

Another tip to protecting your battery's life is to disconnect it from the charging station after it is fully charged. Allowing your vapor cigarette to remain in the charger damages it and reduces its lifespan.

Do Not Drop Your Vapor Cigarette

Finally, you really do want to avoid dropping your vapor cigarette, which is a delicate piece of equipment. Dropping it can have negative repercussions. Buy protective cover or case to protect the vapor cigarette if you do drop it.


Your vapor cigarette is a precious device. It brings convenience, pleasure, and style into your life. Caring for your device the best way you can lengthen the battery life and enhance its operation. It is extremely disappointing when a product you love fails on you. If you want to ensure that your vapor cigarette lasts longer and works well, then take the precautions above.

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