Comparing E-cigarette Batteries: Automatic vs. Manual

When choosing an e-cigarette, one thing you will need to consider is whether you would prefer an automatic battery or a manual battery. While traditional tobacco cigarettes are burned by using a flame, an e-cig uses a battery to heat the liquid in the e-cigarette for vapor smoking. As you inhale the vapor, you will be inhaling the nicotine-infused liquid which is heated up by the e-cig battery. This heating element is only engaged when you are using your e-cigarette, and the battery determines the way it is engaged.

The Heating Element

The e-cigarette's heating element is engaged by either an automatic battery or a manual battery which is attached to the e-cig's cartomizer. The way an automatic or manual battery heats the liquid differs, though. With a manual e-cig battery, you push a button that engages the battery to heat the nicotine-infused liquid. So, you must push and hold the button before you take a drag of the e-cig.

On the other hand, an automatic battery allows you to take a drag of your e-cigarette without pushing a button, as the heating element is engaged as soon as you start inhaling the nicotine-infused vapor. To get more technical, an automatic battery uses a pressure sensitive switch or computer chip that is activated when you take a drag of the e-cigarette, and it automatically shuts off within about five to six seconds, giving you enough time to inhale the vapor.

Which Battery to Choose

Whether you choose an automatic battery e-cig or manual battery e-cig is up to you. Many suppliers carry both, giving you the choice to decide for yourself which is best for you. Here are some of the pros and cons of vapor smoking with an automatic e-cig or manual e-cig:

Automatic E-cig Battery

An automatic e-cig battery has the benefit of lasting about 25% longer than a manual e-cig battery, allowing you more time before you need to re-charge its battery, and automatic e-cigs also look quite a bit more similar to a traditional cigarette when compared with manual e-cigs. However, since an automatic e-cig battery has a shutoff time of about five to six seconds, you are limited in the amount of drags you can take off your e-cigarette each minute. In addition, automatic e-cigs do not produce vapor quite as easily as manual e-cigs. Also, automatic batteries for e-cigs are not sealed, allowing for the nicotine-infused liquid to leak more easily and potentially damage the battery and cartomizer.

Manual E-cig Battery

With a manual e-cig battery, you can produce more vapor from your e-cig without having to prime the device, and the e-cig battery is also completely sealed, so you won't have to worry about damage to the cartomizer and battery due to leaking liquid. Manual e-cig batteries also allow you to control how frequent your drags are and the length of the drags you take. However, manual e-cigarette batteries do not last as long, so you will need to charge the e-cig much more frequently.

Both automatic and manual e-cig batteries also have the drawback of the e-cig engaging when you are not using it. Manual e-cigs can engage accidentally since the button to engage the e-cig is located on the outside, and the battery can run out even faster, since the e-cig battery will not be disengaged until the button is no longer engaged. Also, automatic cigarettes can become engaged due to loud noises, such as a concert, which causes the device to think you are taking a drag and can drain its battery.

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