7 Ways You Can Customize Electronic Cigarettes

You probably have heard of tricking out your car, but what about tricking out your electronic cigarette? It’s a new trend started by dedicated smokers obsessed with the customizable technology of electronic cigarettes.

The widely-available e-cigs sold at supermarkets and gas stations across the country are considered passé. Smokers are personalizing their vaporizers to achieve distinctly unique styles that reflect their personality.

Dozens of companies have sprung up offering a wide selection of electronic cigarette accessories that allow enthusiasts to build and customize their own personal vaporizers, carrying cases and more.

Design of the Electronic Cigarette
An electronic cigarette has five basic parts:

The e-liquid is usually a mix of two main ingredients: propylene glycol, the main ingredient which is a food preservative, and vegetable glycerin, also used as a synthetic sweetener and preservative in food. It also contains nicotine and food flavors to give the vapor a taste, although you can buy flavors without nicotine. The mix of food-additive chemicals in the e-liquid is thought by many to be far safer than inhaling the chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.

7 Ways to Customize Your Electronic Cigarette
Customization involves buying authorized products that work with the e-cig you own. What is it about your device that could be better? Once you decide, there’s many different ways to customize your e-cig:

Modification of your e-cig is different. It’s the result of disassembling your electronic cigarette and adding features or parts in an attempt to make it look and work in a different way. Modding an e-cig is not a good idea for the novice as it can damage the device and make it unsafe to use.

Now that you know all the ways in which you can personalize your e-cig, you can start creating yours today.

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