5 Tips for Creating Your Own Delicious E-Liquid Blend

One of the advantages you have as a vapor cigarette user is the ability to create a custom e-liquid blend. These blends are limited only to your imagination and provide you with a way to be both creative and experience different flavors for your vapor cigarette.  As an e-cigarette user you owe it to yourself to experiment with different blends and increase your e-cig enjoyment.

E-liquid is a blend that typically consists of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycol and flavoring. The percentage mix of these three main e-liquid ingredients determines the taste, throat feel and nicotine content of your vapor cigarette. If you are considering making an e-liquid blend for your vapor cigarette there are some things you should consider before making your first blend.

Understand How to Mix Flavors

The percentage of nicotine, propylene and vegetable glycol (PG/VG) in your e-liquid mixture will determine the taste of the vapor. VG, which is a thick liquid, produces your vapor cloud and a sweet taste. PG has no taste and produces the smoke feel in your throat; if you are sensitive to the throat feel you may want a lower percentage of PG in your e-liquid mix. Until you have a good for a particular e-juice blend, order smaller quantities of differing blends.

Keep Your Options Simple

It is best to narrow your selection of e-liquid blends to general categories of smoke. This will help you pinpoint the types of blends that you may be more inclined to enjoy, giving you a pleasurable experience. For example, if you are a heavy nicotine user, choose a blend with a higher nicotine percentage. If you are more inclined to a fruitier blend, go for a higher percentage of VG in your e-liquid blend.

Record Your Formula

If you discover an e-liquid blend that you like or a mixture that you conceive through experimentation, record it immediately. Just like making a cake or cooking a complex meal for the first time it is important to keep a record of what you like so that it will be easy for you to recall it in the future. If you don't write down your "recipe," you may be disappointed the next time you attempt to recreate it.

Sample Other Custom E-Liquid Blends

You don't know what you like until you try it! Include a wide range of selections in your search for your custom e-liquid blend. Sampling different mixtures with varying percentages of the basic ingredients will give you a more informed opinion of what you like and don't like and make it easier to choose a blend that is more to your vapor cigarette enjoyment.

Include Nicotine in Your Blend

Of course one of the advantages of vapor cigarette is the way in which you can control the amount of nicotine you inhale. Find an e-blend that gives you the percentage of nicotine that compliments your preference and gives you the smoking feel you enjoy without having to light up.

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