Should I Buy an E-Cig Starter Kit or Disposable?

Smoking electronic cigarettes, often shortened to e-cigs, is a decision that many people are making for health reasons. However, this option does not force individuals into a box, and they still have decisions to make. Whether or not you should purchase an e-cig starter kit or disposable e-cigs depends upon several personal circumstances and preferences.

Budget and Finances

The amount of money that you are able to spend will at least partially dictate whether an e-cig starter kit or a disposable kit is the right choice for you at the moment. Starter kits are more expensive in the short-term, and disposable e-cigs are more expensive in the long-term. People who are planning to smoke these types of cigarettes for a while should go with the starter kit because it will save them more money in the end. Individuals looking for a temporary solution should opt for the one with better short-term savings.

Interest in E-Cigs

Which form is more effective also depends upon how interested you are in smoking e-cigs. If you are just looking to try them out and are not yet sure if they are for you, the disposable cigarettes are the wiser option. In the event that you feel you want to continue with them, then you could opt for a starter kit. For those who have already been thrown several disposable sets of e-cigs or who plan to be smoking them for some time are wise to go with the more permanent option.

Where You're Shopping

Generally, you are not going to find an e-cig starter kit sitting at the roadside stand where you stopped to get some gas for the car and a bottle of water for your journey. Therefore, you will also need to assess where you are going shopping. In the event that you are just going to stop at a gas station or drug store, you are much more likely to find disposable e-cigarettes. You may need to order a starter kit online if none are available near you, which also means that you would have to wait to start using them.

Flavors of E-Cigs

If you didn't know that different flavors of e-cigs are available, then you might not really have too much of an interest in them. However, for those of you who want to give the different flavors a try, you are better off buying a starter kit because they often come with cartridges. The flavors are extremely varied. Individuals who like minty tastes can get a thrill out of them as can those who prefer blends that taste more like chocolate, strawberries or cherries. With the disposable cigarettes, you may find some flavors at your store, but not a ton of them.

Recharging the Battery

When you purchase starter kits, you can recharge the battery. This does mean that you need to keep the battery on you if you are worried that you will lose power on it at some point during the day, but it is also good because you don't have to purchase a new battery. The same is not true for disposable cigarettes.

Once again, it really comes down to how much of a commitment you are willing to make. If you are ready to commit to one particular brand, and thus one brand of battery, you will likely want to opt for the starter kit.

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