Automatic vs. Manual Batteries: Choosing the Right Option for You

There are all sorts of options to choose from when it comes to e-cigarettes. You can choose the form factor, the nicotine content in juice, the battery size, the design, the color, as well as many other things.
However, one of the most important things to choose is the type of battery it'll be powered by.

Aside from the size of the battery you want to get, you'll also need to determine if you want an automatic battery or a manual one. Generally speaking, the manual ones are the type with the button and the automatic batteries are the ones without it.

Vaping on an e-cigarette requires the power from the battery to vaporize the juice in the tank. Manuals will do this whenever you hit the button. Automatic batteries on the other hand are activated simply by puffing on them. Why go with the button option if the automatic works just as well? There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding between the two, so let's take a look at some of their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Automatic E-Cigarette Batteries

An automatic e-cig battery is one that activates upon puffing. They are a popular vaping option for people new to the e-cigarette experience. These types of batteries are most common in cig-a-likes with the traditional cigarette form factor, but there are many automatic batteries available for larger models as well.

They offer the user the ability to puff their vapor the same way they puffed their analog cigarettes, so there's a certain level of familiarity to smokers that makes the transition over to electronic cigarettes a whole lot easier. In addition to that, their batteries tend to last around 25% longer than manual batteries, and they're able to be operated "hands-free."

On the flip side, an automatic e-cig battery doesn't have a barrier between the inside of the battery and the outside, which means that any juice that gets lodged inside of the battery itself could cause irreversible damage. Depending on the type of automatic battery the user has, there also seems to be a bit of a lag between the time they start puffing and the time it actually activate, which can be a nuisance to some smokers. In order to save battery life, they'll generally shut off automatically after 5 to 6 seconds, which can be annoying for people wanting longer drags.

Overall, automatic batteries are a good choice if you're new to e-cigarettes in general and want something as close to traditional cigarettes as possible. If you find yourself not liking the shorter vaping times or want a battery that's sealed, you might look into the manual batteries instead.

Manual Batteries

A manual e-cig battery gives you the power to puff with the simple press of a button. Their batteries are sealed, which means they aren't going to get flooded with juice and become inoperable. In addition to that, there's no automatic cut-off time that'll limit the length of your drag. With that in mind, be careful not to let the button get pressed while it's in your pocket, or you could find yourself discharging your battery or burning your wick without even knowing it. Because they can be used for longer puffs, the batteries typically don't last as long as the automatic ones do, but if you don't mind charging it regularly or having a spare e-cig battery then it's not a problem.

Manuals are a great choice for e-cigarette smokers who've tried and have already been sold on vaping and don't mind investing a little bit extra to get the most out of their e-cigarette experience.

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