Choosing Between an Automatic or Manual Battery for your Smokeless Cigarette

When deciding on a smokeless cigarette, you will need to consider if you want an automatic or manual battery to power your e-cig. The e-cig battery you choose can influence your e-cig experience and usage. Fortunately, deciding which battery works best for your needs is simple once you have a general understanding of what each battery type offers.

Notably, the battery is an indispensable component in smokeless cigarettes solely based on the inner workings of the device. The type of battery affects your interaction with your smokeless cigarette.

Leading Considerations when Choosing Automatic Batteries to Power Your E-Cig

In automatic batteries, the heating element initiates automatically once you take a drag on your smokeless cigarette. Moreover, automatic batteries include an automatic shut-off feature that actuates every five to six seconds.


One of the leading advantages to using an automatic battery is its battery life. On average, automatic batteries on smokeless cigarettes last 25 percent more than manual batteries. This reduces the need of frequent charging.

For those accustomed to traditional cigarettes, the automatic batteries can be particularly intuitive and comfortable, requiring little to no learning curve. You simply take a drag like you would using a traditional cigarette and vapor will begin to flow.

Many users find the simplistic design of the automatic battery convenient and fast because it does not require an on-and-off switch to engage or disengage.


While many e-cig users rave about their automatic batteries, some users find them too sensitive. The automatic batteries can sometimes active automatically due to external factors like noise, strong vibrations or fervent shaking that trigger the battery to turn on. Hence, you have to exercise caution and awareness if you opt for the automatic option.

The automatic shut-off feature, which activates after five to six seconds upon taking a puff, is a downside to some users as the feature may limit or impede drag quantities and flow. In poorly designed models, you might encounter some delay between when you take a puff and when you get vapor.

Automatic batteries are not sealed entirely in your smokeless device because the activation mechanism needs to detect air moving when you take a drag. As such, a hole is present where the battery connects to the cartomizer. If you overfill your device, some liquid might drip and harm the battery.

Leading Considerations when Choosing Manual Batteries to Power Your E-cig

Conversely, manual batteries require you to push a button to initiate the heating mechanism in your smokeless device. While switching the battery off and on may require getting used to, these batteries afford more control to the user.


Manual e-cig batteries give e-cig users more control over the amounts of drag, in terms of duration and frequency.

Unlike an automatic e-cig battery, a manual battery includes a seal. This seal reduces the chance of spillage that can harm or deteriorate your battery prematurely.


You may find the added step of pushing and holding the button before taking a drag using a manual battery cumbersome and time-consuming. The manual switch mechanism is especially unwieldy for those accustomed to smoking traditional cigarettes, at least from the onset.

The battery life of a manual battery is shorter than that of an automatic battery, which may prove inconvenient and frustrating when you want to puff on your e-cigarette.

Manual batteries sometimes engage unintentionally if the button in your device is pushed or disturbed in your purse or pocket. Hence, you must exercise caution. Moreover, unintended switching of the device can cause your battery to drain.

Whether you are a new or seasoned e-cig smoker, you can find both e-cig battery options equally practical. It usually comes down to personal preference. Notably, many people opt for both automatic and manual batteries and alternate between the two designs based on needs and environment.

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