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1. Tobacco.org Articles: Youth Smoking
Includes an extensive listing of articles addressing youth and teen smoking and tobacco abuse.

2. American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation: Youth and Tobacco
Developing educational programs and strategies to reinforce nonsmoking as the norm in society among teens and youth.

3. Smoke Free Kids
Fighting cigarette smoking and tobacco use in the home, schools, and workplaces.

4. STATIC - Students Teaching Against Tobacco in Connecticut
Organization that empowers young people through education, media, marketing, activism, involvement, and enforcement. STATIC fights against the tobacco industry's manipulation of teens.

5. ydouthink
Information for Virginia kids about smoking and tobacco.

6. TobaccoFree.org: The Truth About Tobacco
Covers the anti-smoking live assembly program for middle and high schools.

7. Target Market
Statewide anti-smoking youth organization to target Big Tobacco back.

8. Message to Teenagers about Smoking Cigarettes and Tobacco
Offers youth reasons not to smoke. In memory of Rebecca Carolan.

9. Blowing Smoke
Curriculum designed for kids by kids ages 11-16 to expose the exaggerated use of tobacco in current movies.

10. NicotineFreeKids
Online web community for teenagers with information on smoking and tobacco.
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